Fjord Magazine: Kaatsbaan Festival 2022 NY / USA

Fjord Magazine by Karen Greenspan 

„Renowned for her interpretations of Glass’s works for piano, pianist Maki Namekawa presented a dramatic visual image draped in a voluminous, white, sashed gown. She was spellbinding as she powered her way through Etude #7 with its impassioned ascending spirals. As she brought the work to its quiet, stately conclusion, Chanon Judson, co-artistic director of the acclaimed Urban Bush Women, took her place onstage. Wearing an aqua-green silk gown, she offered a distinctly personal response to Etude #11, also played by Namekawa. Judson stood erect like a priestess equal to the grandeur of the music that would enter her body in a kind of spiritual union. The music appeared to wash through her sending ripples and starts through every isolated body part like a powerful current. Namekawa concluded the program playing Glass Etude #20 with its pensive tones of nostalgia gently fading into quiet surrender. The two hours of perfect moments were sealed with nature’s kiss as the setting sun bathed the tufts of clouds in magical, opalescent light.“ 

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Fjord Internet Magazine by Karen Hildebrand

„The high point of the show was Etude #11, danced by Chanon Judson, co-director of Urban Bush Women. Her West African inflected movement peppered with splayed knees, angled elbows, fluid hips, bare feet kneading the floor, expressed pure joy. To match her brilliance was Maki Namekawa who played Etudes #7, #11 and #20 with power and exuberance. She was a vision at the piano in a flowing oversized linen kimono, putting full weight into notes that mirrored the twilight: a four note melody; a string of notes that trilled up, then back down; resounding chords separated by ever broadening octaves. By the end, the sun had fallen and appeared now as a glowing orange jaguar eye through the trees. Perfect backdrop to this final ferocious duo of artists.“

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Kaatsbaan Festival 2022 NY / USA 
September 17th & 18th 
Philip Glass 85th Birthday Celebration 
Philip Glass‘ Piano Etudes 
Choreographers : Lucinda Childs, Justin Peck, Bobbie Jene Smith & Or Schraiber, Leonardo Sandoval, Chanon Judson 
Pianists: Timo Andres, Conor Hanick, Noe Kains, Anton Bagatov, Maki Namekawa

Produced by Linda Brumbach / Pomegranate Arts 

Photograph by Jack Baran